Hey! Happy you made it!

I have been a writer my whole life. I believe I have a book titled “Attack of the Mutant Sandwich-man” laying around somewhere to prove it. My writing has always been of fiction. I have never had any desire or need to share my truest words with others until recently. It always felt a little too vulnerable; a little too nerve-wracking; until I realized what it felt like to read the words of a stranger when I needed them most, especially when it felt like those words were written only for me.

Recently I’ve been searching. Treat it like a Mad Lib and fill in the blank. Amanda has been searching for ________. Fulfillment, Passion, Empowerment, Renewal, Faith, Relationships, Powerful words, Pie, etc. We are all doing a little searching in life, and I want this to be a place where you can lay down that searching for just a second, even if it is just to find someone else who will share your crazy. Because Lord knows I got a lot of that. Know that this is a place where I will share with vulnerability, so that you can too. Sometimes we just need to hear that we are not the only one feeling like we are traveling down a dark path towards some unknown destination without a map. Hopefully you find a little community here, and  maybe, if we are both lucky, you’ll find something that was written just for you, at just the time you need it the most. No matter what, I hope you find something you’re looking for.

Need to say something? Send it to me! I can’t promise great advice, but I can promise that I will hear you.