If You Give A Boy A Cookie

Today one of my little buddies missed class because his grandma passed away. A friend of his, a very contemplative, stoic boy named Finn, walked up to me about half way through class and told me that he missed Henry. He told me that Henry’s grandma had died and that made him very sad. He made cookies with his dad to give Henry’s family, and he hoped that would make them feel better.

After I picked up all the pieces of my SHATTERED HEART I told Finn that I thought cookies were the very best way to tell a person that you’re sad for them, and that I was sure Henry and his Mommy and Daddy and little brother would really appreciate his gift. He just kind of nodded his head and put his hand in mine as we continued up the trail.

I see you Finn. I see you.

I think for the rest of the week when I think about how terrible the world can look, and how hard it is to feel like there’s nothing I can do, I’m going to think of Finn. Just a little thing can be so heart warming and situation changing to someone who’s hurting, especially when it is deeply felt and gifted with all the hope that it will help. What a great reminder of how much heart fits into a small package.


All that caring heart in a box of cookies, and in the boy who made them.



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