Valentines Day and the K-Word

Today, being Valentine’s Day, I challenged my creative writing students to create a love story. Oh my goodness you should have seen their faces! It was priceless. For a bunch of 10-13 year olds I might as well have told them they had to eat a handful of worms. You should have seen their faces later when I used the K word. (Kissing.) Such embarrassment I have never created myself, it was hilarious. (If you would like an idea of the shock, terror, and confusion in their eyes then look at the feature pic of my puppy. They were freaking out!)

Their eyes got all wide and terrified and I said, “how we doin?” A student responded, “how am I supposed to write a love story when I’ve never been in love???”

Oh but friend. You’re only thinking of one type of love. The love between a significant other is just one piece of the pie chart, just a small nugget of all the love we experience in our full lives.
I think we sometimes overlook what we have for what we don’t. We spend a lot of time zoomed in, when if we zoomed out we would see the full scope of the love in our lives.


For my kids I challenged them to be creative, even abstract if they wished. The sun and the moon could have a love story. A bee and a flower, a girl and her horse, two crickets who fall in love (my students’ real stories!). I had to remind them that they know exactly what love is, and to chill out and not take our prompt so literally.

I think we all need a little reminder of that sometimes, especially when you’re a single on Valentine’s Day. Chill out. Sometimes things look different than we imagine them, but don’t take your life’s expectations so literally. If you’re asking for love you probably already have it, you might just need to see it in different forms. You’re okay, you have so much love in your life, and that’s the best.


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