Persist, Nevertheless

There’s really no intro I feel fits what I wrote for today, so I’m going to use an opportunity to say thank you! I told myself that if one person read this blog then I would be good with it, and every week it seems like there are plenty more than just one! If you are reading this right now then I want you to know that you’re awesome. I hope you learn something about yourself today, whether it’s from me or some other bundle of words floating around out there waiting for you. Now, read on and move along!

What does it look like to persist?
She was told by others it couldn’t be done, nevertheless she persisted. Her brain said you’re not worth it, nevertheless her heart persisted. Life was busy and fast and hard, and nevertheless; she persisted. 

I want this to be said of me. She persisted. She brought all of the little individual colors of her days together to paint a beautiful portrait of honesty and consistency. Her passions were clear, her love was open; under pressure she endured, she remained faithful, she persisted. 

I think I’ve said it here before, but I believe that we are asked everyday (whether we notice or not) whether we will persist. Do we still want to write the book, run the miles, eat the healthy foods, hang with the people? Do we want to read, pray, worship, love, fight, explore? Do we still feel excited about the same things that drove us crazy with anticipation yesterday? 

The answer doesn’t have to be yes. A great gift in life is our power to make a change when things become stale. You’re allowed to fall out of love and make alterations. Sometimes you’ll be asked if you still love the thing, and your answer will be no, and that’ll be that. You’ll send it on its way in some manner or another. The great thing about it is that your old passions don’t care if you break up with them over text and never talk to them again. 

Some days life will feel bland and routine. You’ll take the box you draw from and tip it upside down in front of you to shuffle through its contents. Sometimes you’ll look at your life laying there in wonder at how much happens behind the scenes. 

How meaningless things that were once important have become, and how wimpy little things you never really saw have stepped into the winners circle. Now that they’re present in the forefront, you’re noticing they were never little or wimpy at all. 

Some days you’ll break up, but some days you will persist. You’ll tip that box and look at the contents and be reminded why these trinkets of life held your energy and attention in the first place. All the goodness will come flooding back, and you’ll be renewed. You will persist.  


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