The Most Beautiful Secret Those Trees Haven’t Shared

Today is the first day of fall, but holy crap it sure doesn’t seem like it. That crisp air isn’t here, the birds are singing like nothing has changed, the leaves are still soft and green, dancing in the light let through the canopy above them as they slowly resolve themselves to the new season. 

They aren’t quite there, but soon the trees are going to decorate themselves for the world so they can pull their energy in close where no one can see it. They know fall will inevitably lead to winter, and close is where they will need that energy to survive. Turns out that means they won’t look like much to the eyes that will gaze on them and compare their appearance to their prior beauty. It feels like a wonderful secret to know the truth; the vibrance of their autumn colors is not for you, it’s not even for them, it’s not even on purpose. They don’t even notice or care about the millions of people who drive through their midst just to catch a glimpse of their unrivaled colors before they let so many pieces of themselves fall to be dissolved by streams and soils. They only see what’s necessary. They are going to survive. If you pay attention they have so much more to offer after their autumn duty has been done. 

Hard work and truth aren’t always on the outside. Sometimes they’re pulled in close, collected at the heart where no one can see in preparation for the perfect moment. When that moment comes there will be an explosion of growth so great that everyone who looked away when the colors had gone will be in awe of this living being that achieved all that, when it seemed like so much nothing that it wasn’t even worth a sideways glance. Sometimes we shift our attention from the things that appear to have lost their relevance too soon, and we miss the real mic drop. 

Now I’m letting you in on the secret. When you’re looking at trees this autumn revel in their outer awesomeness, but remember that they couldn’t give two shits about their appearance or what you think of it. Their purpose is on the inside, pooled and pulsing, waiting for the perfect moment to release. They are giving you a show so that they can move on and get to the important part; gathering their energy so that they survive to be magnificently bigger than ever. 

I know I’ve said it before, I’ll probably say it again. We are like trees in so many ways. Just remember that. 


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