A Reminder of the Past, and a Fresh Start with Winter

I love winter. I have loved winter my entire life. Some of my best memories are of snow forts with engineering the likes of which have only been seen in bridges and skyscrapers. Winter has brought me many years of Christmas with my family, homemade ice cream after a fresh snow, pizza ordered to the front yard to be placed on a self made snow table adjacent two snow chairs; running and playing with good friends and energetic dogs. Winter is a season for warm fires and reading; sleeping cuddled on the couch with a puppy, a new movie, and a blanket straight out of the dryer. Winter holds some of the deepest and happiest memories I have.

The temperature drops and the snow begins to fall and the whole world feels like a blank slate. Each footstep you take makes the first imprint in the newly fallen white sheet. Each snowflake that melts on your tongue has traveled the world, rising and falling over and over until it came across you. The usual noise of cars driving by, lawns being mowed, and fireworks being set off is gone; any other noise is deadened by the soft falling snow creating a quiet blanket. Everything is calm and quiet. It all just feels right.

I am a huge fan of Gilmore Girls, and almost every season Lorelei convenes with nature through snow. She knows snow so well that she can tell when it is coming, and on occasion even wakes up in the middle of the night to experience its first graceful decent to earth. There is one year however, that Lorelei finds herself in an argument with winter. This has been that year for me.

All of my winter interactions this year have been with rain, or sitting indoors freezing my buns off wishing that I was by a warm fire. This year of living by myself I have had no fire to burn, no puppy of my own to cuddle. It has been hard finding the solace of winters passed. Today snow fell. And I decided to make up with winter. I got dressed, stood up, and walked out into the frozen tundra that I love so much. My feet made their mark and I did nothing but walk and breath in the air. Lorelei Gilmore was right. Snow has a smell, and it brought back all my good memories.

It only took being with the snow for an hour for me to remember why I love winter. This one may be different than all that have come before but it does not change the memories. Thank you snow, for helping me remember. Here’s hoping for more little reminders of how fantastic life is, no matter what the temperature.


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